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Welcome. This blog is part of a journey into my son’s eating disorder and about how it has affected our family. I fear many families are experiencing similar situations and are hiding their pain as there is still too much stigma attached to mental illness. If someone you care for has cancer or diabetes everyone is understanding and supportive, but mental health is misunderstood and even taboo. I invite you to share this journey with me and hope that we can find ways to cope and help each other along the way.

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Quarantine is 40 days (Cuando el cuaresma se convierte en cuarentena)

Quarantine comes from the Latin quadraginta, which means 40. In the Spanish language Lent is called cuaresma and quarantine is called cuarentena. The number forty is cuarenta. We’ve been ordered to self-confinement for 15 days. Something tells me that number might be a little off.

I am writing this to you from Spain. Today is Friday, March 20. This is my eighth […]

Seeking Clarity

The past few months have been blurry. I open my eyes in the morning, look at the clock, take a mental note of the time and drift into a nebulous daydream.  This state can last anywhere from one to three hours. It’s a state of neither thinking nor dreaming. Nor is it depression. It is simply the inability […]

I only want to say (Gethsemane)

For many people, the appeal of Jesus Christ Superstar is the magical way in which biblical figures are transformed into modern day rock stars.  Mary Magdalene sings about her real feelings for the man she cannot have (in the proverbial biblical sense of the word).  Judas cries out that he doesn’t need the captor’s blood money as he betrays […]

Trust your intuition

Trust your intuition, especially if you are a mother. I don’t know how we know, but we know, until we don’t.  Sometimes the power of intuition comes back. Listen to it carefully before it slaps you in the face. Yesterday I was crushed by more news. Every time I learn something new my heart breaks all over again.  […]

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