Mrs. Jones

Welcome. This blog is part of a journey into my son’s eating disorder and about how it has affected our family. I fear many families are experiencing similar situations and are hiding their pain as there is still too much stigma attached to mental illness. If someone you care for has cancer or diabetes everyone is understanding and supportive, but mental health is misunderstood and even taboo. I invite you to share this journey with me and hope that we can find ways to cope and help each other along the way.

The blog


Last night I had nightmares. They weren’t about snakes or escaping from a murderer. I was able to walk in them, not like in a real nightmare when you want to flee but your body is stuck in slow motion. They were realizations that sometimes come to me in the middle of the night, a detail about a […]

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve and Christmas day are the most difficult times for many people. They conjure up happy childhood memories of love, family, candlelit services, colorfully lit up trees, gifts wrapped in shiny paper and special homemade treats of old family recipes that we only eat once a year.

Once we lose our childhood and as some of the people […]

Ley de Vida

This morning, on the first day of the Christmas holidays, I went to pay my respects at two funeral homes. The history teacher’s mother had passed away the day before. The physical education teacher’s young mother had been run over by a truck.

The first death was expected. She was an elderly woman whose time had come. In Spain […]

Losing my marbles


Involuntary twitching on the upper right side of my nose.

Puffy eyes.

Can’t go outside this morning.

Can’t put on the mask.

Can’t fake it today.

Am I finally breaking?

2 hours later:


Hair. Makeup. Smile.

Going to pick up a prescription.

Catching […]

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