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Welcome. This blog is part of a journey into my son’s eating disorder and about how it has affected our family. I fear many families are experiencing similar situations and are hiding their pain as there is still too much stigma attached to mental illness. If someone you care for has cancer or diabetes everyone is understanding and supportive, but mental health is misunderstood and even taboo. I invite you to share this journey with me and hope that we can find ways to cope and help each other along the way.

The blog


I had always envisioned the Joker’s smile as it was depicted in the DC Comics version or by the great Jack Nicholson in the 1989 movie. As a little girl, I was always afraid of the joker and wondered what might be hiding behind those fake, painted on lips.

Joaquin Phoenix’s superb performance in The Joker 2019 was more than […]

Ave Maria

Yesterday I was touched by beauty. This was unexpected as I could barely manage to get dressed and leave the house. My husband convinced me to go to a harp and viola concert which I thought would be a very proper recital with a few nice pieces. I imagined a cold environment where the audience would arrive, politely […]

If only

If only I could trade places with you,

I’d do it in a split second.

If only I could understand your pain and you could understand mine,

I’d take it all away.


If only you hadn’t hidden your illness for so long.

If only I had noticed earlier.

If only you didn’t hurt yourself.

If only […]

Fade to black

The woman has just had coffee in her favorite coffee shop with her husband. They are walking home with their dog. The phone rings. She looks at it and sees that the call is from the hospital. She answers the phone.

Woman: Good morning.

James: Hello. This is James from the hospital. Are you Philip’s mother?

Woman: Yes.

James: Oh. I thought I […]

Anti-New Year’s Resolutions

You may be as tired as I am of New Year’s resolutions. As a younger woman I actually believed in them. I thought I could will myself to shed the extra pounds, improve my physical health, and fill in my calendar with well-intentioned activities and goals.

This year, however, I am resolved to throw out the agenda and stop […]

The sooner you find out, the better.

As heartbreaking as it is to discover that your son or daughter has an eating disorder, depression, another type of mental illness or may have even attempted suicide, there is a positive side. You have found out in time. The younger your child is, the better his chances are of recovery.

I am not a professional. I am only a […]

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