The woman has just had coffee in her favorite coffee shop with her husband. They are walking home with their dog. The phone rings. She looks at it and sees that the call is from the hospital. She answers the phone.

Woman: Good morning.

James: Hello. This is James from the hospital. Are you Philip’s mother?

Woman: Yes.

James: Oh. I thought I was calling the father. Philip kept one of the razor blades the last time someone took in the razor for him to shave.

Woman: Did he cut himself?

Alarmed look from the husband walking alongside her. He puts his arm around her shoulder.

James: He turned it into to us today. No. You have to acknowledge that he turned it in without cutting himself. The next time he wants to shave one of you should be in the bathroom with him.

Woman: Yes, I acknowledge and value it. Thank you for calling. Thank you for the information.

James: Do you want to tell the father or should I call him?

Woman: Either way. Perhaps if you call him you’ll be doing me a favor. It’s not his fault.

The woman arrives home and fumbles through the bathroom drawer looking for the half valium pill she is prescribed to take in the mornings, but neglected to take today. The diazepam should bring some rest. Her husband quickly prepares her some pan-fried salmon. She eats it and tells him that it tastes delicious even though she can’t taste it.

Woman: I think I’ll take a nap before visiting hours.

The woman puts on her pyjamas, takes off her socks, and crawls under the comforter and a patchwork quilt. Instead of taking her nap she spends the time writing this blog entry in her head. She gets out of bed and writes this down. Then she leaves for the hospital.

Fade to black.





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