Dear son,

Dear son,

You turn 19 years old today.  I know you’re not where you want to be. And I know it’s frustrating. You are strong, much stronger than you realize. Not […]

Heroes of War

I wrote this piece this morning European time while most Americans and Canadians were still asleep. It started like this. This theme is so relevant today as we have woken […]


I had always envisioned the Joker’s smile as it was depicted in the DC Comics version or by the great Jack Nicholson in the 1989 movie. As a little girl, […]

Ave Maria

Yesterday I was touched by beauty. This was unexpected as I could barely manage to get dressed and leave the house. My husband convinced me to go to a harp […]

If only

If only I could trade places with you,

I’d do it in a split second.

If only I could understand your pain and you could understand mine,

I’d take […]

Fade to black

The woman has just had coffee in her favorite coffee shop with her husband. They are walking home with their dog. The phone rings. She looks at it and sees […]


Last night I had nightmares. They weren’t about snakes or escaping from a murderer. I was able to walk in them, not like in a real nightmare when you want […]

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve and Christmas day are the most difficult times for many people. They conjure up happy childhood memories of love, family, candlelit services, colorfully lit up trees, gifts wrapped […]

Ley de Vida

This morning, on the first day of the Christmas holidays, I went to pay my respects at two funeral homes. The history teacher’s mother had passed away the day before. […]


This is raw. No filters today.

Philip was admitted into the hospital yesterday in the afternoon. We were supposed to take him there this morning at 10 am, but he couldn’t […]


Philip was born during the first lunar eclipse of the millennium.  There were many women giving birth that night. The nurses said it had something to do with the moon. […]


There is always a before and an after in these cases. A date that changes who you are and what you believed to be true. For me that day was […]